c257 -- Manages the C257 scaler module


c257 create name ?options...?

c257 config name ?options...?

c257 cget name


This command ensemble allows you to create and configure CAEN model C257 scaler modules. The C257 is a 16 channel scaler module. Support is intended to be used with the scaler stack. The C257 is capable of cascading channels to produce very wide counters, however this mode is not supported by this release of the software limiting the width of each scaler to 24 bits. Thus, to use the module with this software requires that all of the module jumpers be set to the SINGLE position rather than to CASCADE.

The create command allows you to create a new module and assign a module-name to it so that it can be referred to in subsequent configuration commands. You may optionally include configuration switch value pairs on the create command line.

The config subcommand allows you to set the configuration parameters for an existing module. module-name is the name assigned to that module whe it was created.

The cget command returns as its value the module configuration as a Tcl list where each list element is a sublist containing the name and value of a configuration parameter.

Configuration options are name/value pairs. The name of a configuration option is sometimes called a switch because it resembles the command line switches of command shell commands. For a full description of these options see OPTIONS below.


The module is configured via the following set of options.

-slot slotnumber

Specifies slotnumber as the CAMAC crate slot in which the module is inserted. This must be correct or else the software will not be able to communicate with the module.

-id module-id

Specifies a module id for the unit. If the -insertid configuration parameter is true this id is inserted prior to the scaler data readout by the stack. This option, and -insertid should not be used in the scaler stack and is intended as latent support for using the scaler in an event stack (e.g. for supplying an event timestamp).

-insertid true|false

If this parameter is true the value specified by the -id option will be inserted in the data buffer prior to the data from this module. This should be false (the default) if the module is used in the scaler stack.

-id and -insertid are intended as latent support for using the scaler module in the event stack (e.g. to supply an event timestamp).

-readinhibit true | false

If this parameter is true (the default), the CAMAC crate is held inhibited while the scaler module is being read, and the module is read with an F2 Q-scan. If false the module is read via 16 F0's directed at specific subaddresses followed by an F9 to reset the counters.