lrs2228 -- Manages the LRS2228 TDC


lrs2228 create module-name ?option...?

lrs2228 config module-name ?option...?

lrs2228 cget module-name


This command ensemble allows you to create and configure LeCroy model LRS 2228 TDC modules. The LRS 2228 is an eight channel Time digitizer.

The create command allows you to create a new module and assign a module-name to it so that it can be referred to in subsequent configuration commands. You may optionally include configuration switch value pairs on the create command line.

The config subcommand allows you to set the configuration parameters for an existing module. module-name is the name assigned to that module whe it was created.

The cget command returns as its value the module configuration as a Tcl list where each list element is a sublist containing the name and value of a configuration parameter.

Configuration options are name/value pairs. The name of a configuration option is sometimes called a switch because it resembles the command line switches of command shell commands. For a full description of these options see OPTIONS below.


The following options are recognized by the lrs2228 create and lrs2228 config commands.

-id vsn

Each module should be assigned a unique virtual number. If not assigned this will be 0. The data packet returned by the module will be prefixed by the ID. This provides error checking for the code that wil be unpacking the raw data.

-slot camac-slot

Provides the number of the slot in which the CAMAC module has been installed (camac_slot). This must match the physical slot the module has been stuffed in in order to ensure the proper module is initialized and reads.


The following is an example of the create command for the LRS2228:

Example 1. LRS2228 creation example

lrs2228 create tdc -slot 6 -id 4