lrs2249 -- Manage LeCroy 2249 QDC modules


lrs2249 create module-name ?option...?

lrs2249 config module-name ?option...?

lrs2249 cget module-name


The lrs2249 command ensemble allows you to read out LeCroy model LRS 2249 modules. The LRS 2249 is a charge integrating ADC (QDC).

The create subcommand creates a new module assigning it the module-name you supply. The module-name can be used to refer to the module in future commands. You may optionally provide cofiguration information when creating the module.

The config subcommand configures an existing module by providing configuration options for an existing module-name (created via the create subcommand). Configuration options are name/value pairs that are also sometimes called switches because of their resemblance to shell command switches. For a list of the valid configuration options for the LRS 2249 module, see the OPTIONS section below.

The cget subcommand returns the configuration parameters for module-name as a Tcl list of items. Each item is itself a two element sublist containing in order the name and value of a configuration option.


The lrs2249 command has the following configuration options:

-id vsn

Sets the module virtual slot number to vsn. The virtual slot number prefixes the data packet read from this module and is used by SpecTcl as a check on the validity the event. Each module should have a unique vsn. If the -id option does not set the virtual slot it defaults to 0.

-slot slot

Provides the module slot. This parameter must match the number of the slot in the CAMAC crate in which the module is installed.