Module -- Create and manipulate slow control device instances


Module create name type

Module config name options....

Module cget name


The Module command creates and manipulates instances of slow control devices. It must appear in the control configuration script rather than the daq configuration script. The create subcommand creates an object with the specified type and name. The ORDERING OF TYPE AND NAME ARE OPPOSITE THAT OF VMUSBREADOUT!!! Currently the following device types are supported:


A CAEN C894 16 channel leading edge discriminator.


A Phillips Ph7106 leading edge discriminator.


Allows a remote client to execute stacks on the CC-USB controlled by this CCUSBReadout program. (The CCCUSBRemote class serves as the remote client.)

The config subcommand configures the named module. In most cases the configuration of a slow control module is pretty minimal as the assumption is that there is a slow control panel associated with the device. Typical configuration consists of a -slot which provides the CAMAC slot in which the module is installed and a -file which provides the initial settings of the device (the file is usually maintained by the control panel). Note that the ph7106 currently only supports the -slot option. (This code was contributed by Lakshmi SoundaraPandian of the University of Massachussets Lowell).

The cget subcommand retrieves the configuration of the named modules as a well formatted Tcl list of name value pairs where the name is an option name and the value is the value of that option. e.g.

{ {-slot 5} {-file /user/fox/config.camac/led.settings}}