LeCroy4434 -- control a LeCroy 4434 Scaler


LeCroy4434 create name base

LeCroy4434 config name option value ...

LeCroy4434 cget name


The LeCroy4434 is intended to control a LeCroy 4434 scaler situated on in a crate controlled by a CC-USB. It is the counterpart to the CBDLeCroy4434 module that is functional in the VMUSBReadout framework.

The CBDLeCroy4434 can be registered directly to a stack or to a CamacCrate.

During initialization, all scalers are cleared and the auxiliary bus is disabled.

At the end of the run, no actions are taken.

During stack execution initiated by an event trigger, this driver will operate based on the following logic:

  Read all channels
  if "-incremental" is true
      Clear the module
Just as a note, the latch and the clear are not atomic.


-slot value

Specifies the slot of the CAMAC crate the target module is occupying. Default is 1.

-incremental bool

Specifies whether to clear the scalers on each event after latching them. Default is false.


Example 1. A simple setup of one scaler

LeCroy4434 create sclr -slot 10

Sets up a LeCroy 4434 scaler module in slot 10.