EVBC::start -- Start the event builder pipeline.


EVBC::start options


EVBC::start starts the event builder pipeline. It is an error to start the pipeline if it is already started. The options described in the command synopsis above are option value pairs which are described in the OPTIONS section below.

This proc is part of the API layer. Rather than using it directly, you may want to consider using the procs in the EZBuilder layer.


-teering ringname

If present with a non empty value, this option inserts an element in the pipeline that tees off the ordered fragments into a ring buffer. The value of this option is the name of the ring (not the URL) which will receive the ordered fragments.

Defaults to an empty string which disables the production of an intermediate data ring.

-glombuild yes | no

If yes the glom stage of the pipline builds events using a coincidence interval specified by the -glomdt option.

If no the glom stage only passes fragments on with minimal re-formatting to turn them into proper event ring items.

Defaults to no

-glomdt ticks

If -glombuild is yes, this sets the number of timestamp clock ticks that define a coincidence interval for event building.

-destring ringname

Specifies the ring in which the output of glom is put. If not provided, this default to the username of the logged in account.


The example below starts up the event building pipline without merging the data into events. The output ring is named built

EVBC::start -glombuild off -destring built

The example below starts up the event building pipeline merging the data from adjacent fragments into event when the difference timestamp is less than 300. Output data is put in the ring built, the orderered fragments are put in the ring fragments

EVBC::start -glombuild on -glomdt 300 -destring built -teering fragments