Eventbuilder callback bundle


Event builder callback bundle -- Event builder callback bundle.


package require evbrdocallouts


EVBC::configure option value ...

proc startEVBSources {} { .... }


State machine callback bundles are a mechanism to hook actions to specific state transitions in the ReadoutGUI. The Event builder implements a callback bundle that, when registered will automatically do what is needed to manage the event builder without any further programmatic intervention from your ReadoutCallouts.tcl code.

The useEventBuilder command exported by the evbrdocallouts package registers this callback bundle with the Readout GUI's state machine. EVBC::configure allows you to configure the event builder options. All of the options described in the EVBC::initialize manpage are supported.

The startEVBSources proc is one that you should write to start the event sources. It will be called as needed by the callback bundle.