Event builder client framework


Event builder client framework -- Event builder cilent framework


binary-name options...


The end result of user code build on top of the event builder clienty framework is a runnable program. The program uses a .ggo file to define the set of options it supports. Several options are defined for use by the framework, others shared between the framework and your application code, while you may add other options to the skeleton .ggo files for purely application specific purposes.


The options described here are those that are defined in the skeleton .ggo file.


Provides the name of the host on which the event orderer/event builder is running.


Provides a specification of the port number on which the event orderer is listening for connections. If managed is used, the software will attempt to locate the server's port using the remote system's port manager.

--info=information string

When connecting to the event builder/orderer, this string is used to describe the connection. It is available to GUI software that has been incorporated in the event orderer.


Normally this is a comma separated list of the event source ids that are managed by this data source. Ring buffers comprise only a single event source and the program quits with an error if more than one event source id is supplied.

The event source id tags each fragment submitted to the event builder. This allows data consumers to know which fragment came from which data source.