OutputWindowSettings -- Prompter for OutputWindow settings.


OutputWindowSettings widget-path ?options...?


This megawidget provides a prompter for options that can be applied to a OutputWindow widget. A convenience proc is also provided that wraps this widget in a dialog and, when the user accepts the state of the dialog, changes the configuration options of the OutputWindow singleton appropriately.


The widget accepts the standard configure and cget methods. These operate on the following set of options:

-rows row-count

Sets/gets the number of rows requested from the prompter (this is controlled by a spinbox widget).

-columns column-count

Sets/gets the number of columns requested from the prompter. This is controlled by a spinbox widget.

-history history-lines

Sets/gets the number of lines of history information requested from the prompter. This is controlled by a spinbox widget.

-debug 1 | 0

Gets/sets the state of the checkbutton widget that is labeled Show debugging Output.


::Output::promptSettings displays a OutputWindowSettings widget wrapped in a DialogWrapper. If the user clicks Ok, the proc fetches the singleton OutputWindow and sets its options accordingly.

The Show debugging Output checkbox is handled by making or removing a debug entry in the OutputWindow's -showlog dict for the debug class. The contents of this entry, when present, are empty resulting in default text rendition.