s800 -- s800 data source provider.


package require s800


This data source provider provides the command and control over the S800 data acquisition system Readout. The S800 uses a Readout program that is an TCP/IP server.

Note that the provider only manages the run control of the S800. The s800toring utility described below must be started as well from your ReadoutCallouts.tcl script. See S800TORING below.



The IP DNS name or dotted IP address of the host that is running the S800 readout program. Note that this software cannot star the readout program. What it does on a start operation is to connect to an already running readout program.


The port on which the S800 readout program is listening for connections.


The S800 Readout program is not an NSCLDAQ readout program. It does not put data into ring buffers but instead supplies data via a TCP/IP connection. Furthermore the data format is that of NSCLDAQ-8.x.

The s800toring program connects to the S800 data transfer socket, translates events into ring items and puts those items into a ring buffer from which they can be fetched by other programs.

In the sample startup below, we are assuming the existence of an environment variable, DAQROOT, that points to the top level directory of the NSCLDAQ-11 installation.

$DAQROOT/bin/s800toring host port ring

The host and port command line parameters are the host and port on which the s800 is listening for event service connections (this is not in general the same value as the s800 command port). The ring parameter is the name of the ring buffer into which data should be placed. If the ring buffer does not yet exist, s800toring will create it.