XIV. 3vmusb

Table of Contents
adc -- Create/configure CAEN V775, V785, V792, V862 modules.
caenchain -- Aggregate adc modules into CBLT readout chains.
vmusb -- Control VM-USB resources and read internal scalers
sis330x -- Driver for SIS3300/1 FADC
sis3820 -- Create and configure SIS 3820 scaler modules
v830 -- Create and configure CAEN V830 32 channel scalers.
v977 -- Create and configure CAEN V977 Input registers
sis3804 -- Create and configure SIS 3804 scalers
hira -- Pair up to 2 XLMs and FADC for HiRA
hytec -- Support the Hytec NADC 2530 adc module.
tcl driver support -- tcl driver support functions.
madc -- Acquire events from Mesytec MADC32 ADC.
mtdc -- Mesytec 32/34 channel TDC
mqdc -- Support Mesytec MQDC-32 modules
madcchain -- Support CBLT chains of Mesytec MxDC32 family of modules.
madcscaler -- Support dead-time counters in MADC32 as scalers.
mase -- Support for XLM with MASE firmware.
tdc1x90 -- Provide support for the CAEN V1x90 TDC family.
v1729a -- CAENV1729a waveform digitizer.
stack -- Compose and configure VM-USB readout stacks.
CVMUSB -- Interface with VM-USB controller.
CVMUSBReadoutList -- Construct VM-USB stacks
CVMUSBRemote -- Execute lists remotely on VMUSBReadout
CConfigurableObject -- Configuration database
CControlHardware -- Base class for slow controls drivers
cvmusb -- SWIG Tcl wrapping of CVMUSB
cvmusbreadoutlist -- SWIG wrappers for CVMUSBReadoutList
Module -- control config command: create/configure modules.
watch -- Watch variables (slow controls)
delay -- Insert a stack delay.
CBDCamacBranch -- run a CAMAC branch through a CES CBD8210 bridge
CBDCamacCrate -- group CBD8210 compatible modules into a crate
CBDLeCroy4300B -- control a LeCroy 4300B FERA on a CAMAC branch
CBDLeCroy4434 -- control a LeCroy 4434 Scaler on a CAMAC branch
CBDLeCroy2551 -- control a LeCroy 2551 Scaler on a CAMAC branch
CBDULMTrigger -- control a LeCroy 2637 ULM running trigger firmware on a CAMAC branch
XLMTimestamp -- control an XLM running 64-bit latching scaler firmware
marker -- Insert a constant into the VMUSB data stream
XLMFERA -- control an XLM72V running firmware to readout FERA via ECL ports
AXLM72ScalerControl -- slow-controls driver for controlling an XLM72 running 32-ch scaler firmware
XLM72ScalerGUI -- Diagnostics GUI for controlling an XLM72 running 32 ch scaler firmware
AXLM72 -- TCL base class for JTech XLM72 family of devices
AXLM72Scaler -- Driver for an XLM72 running 32-channel scaler firmware
v1495sc -- CAEN V1495 with Scaler firmware
controlClient -- Object to interact with VM/CCusb control server
USB Control operations -- connect, controlOp, listUSBControlServers
slowControlsPrompter -- Prompt for slow controls server host and port
gdgcontrol -- Slow control client of Wiener/JTec MGGD8
gdgwidget -- Widget to control/display GDG-8.
V6533Driver -- Driver for CAEN V6533 HV modules