sis3820 -- Create and configure SIS 3820 scaler modules


sis3820 create name base ?option value...?

sis3820 config name option value ...

sis3820 cget name


Creates and configures the SIS3820 32 channel scaler for use in a stack. The create subcommand creates a new module with a base address of base, and a name name which will be used to refer to this module in later configuration commands.

The scaler readout will result in an array of 32 channels of scaler data placed in the buffer. The first longword of this data is channel 0, the last, channel 1, unless the scaler in in -timestamp mode in which case the data are three longwords that consist of channel 0, channel 16 and the high bits register that has the top 16 bits of each of those channels as a 48 bit scaler. In the timestamp mode, the scaler values are latched when a logic signal arrives on control input 1, because the module is configured for control input mode 1.

The config sub-command configures the options for the scaler name. The configuration is expressed as a series of one or more option value pairs. Options may have default values and are validity checked to ensure that valid values are supplied. See OPTIONS below for more information about the option keywords that are supported and their legal values.

The cget sub-command returns the current module configuration. The configuration is returned as a Tcl list of option value pairs. See OPTIONS below for a description of the options ans values that are returned. You should not rely on the list being in any specific order. While the list will have a deterministic order, if additional option keywords are added later on, this order may change.


-base value

Allows you to override the initial base address of the module, specified when the module was created.

--timestamp on | off

If this option is true, the scaler is read in timestamp mode as 2 48 bit scalers. If false (the default), 32 bits are read for each channel.


The example below configures an SIS 3820 scaler to have a base address of 0x38000000

Example 1. Configuring an SIS3820 scaler module

sis3820 create scaler1 0x38000000