sis3804 -- Create and configure SIS 3804 scalers


sis3804 create name ?options...?

sis3804 config name options...

sis3804 cget name option


This command creats and manipulates SIS3804 objects. The SIS3804 is an 8 channel latching scaler manufactured by Struck. The SIS3804 objects can configure and add readout instructions for this hardware to VM-USB stacks.


-base base-address

Sets the base address of the module. This must match the value selected by the rotary switches on the module. The default for this option is 0, which is typically not what you want.

-refpulser boolean

Enables or disables the reference pulser. When enabled, the reference pulser disables the input to channel 1 and supplies a 25Mhz pulse frequency to that channel.

A value of true enables the pulser while false (the default) disables the reference pulser.

-disables mask

Allows you to disable specific channels from counting. The bottom 8 bits if set disable the corresponding channel of the pulse. For example if mask & 1 is nonzero, channel 1 (numbered from 1) is disabled, while if mask & 0x10 is nonzero, channel 8 is disasbled.

The default value is zero which enables all channels.

-autoclear boolean

If this option is true (the default), scalers are cleared atomically after being latched for readout. The NSCL data acquisition system scaler display program expects the scaler counters to be incremental values with the sums computed in software (so that overflows can be explicitly managed). If you have a special application for this scaler, e.g. to provide timestamps in an event, for which you do not want this behavior, you can set this option to false


The example below creatse a scaler at the manufacturer's setting for the base address and configures it to have the 25Mhz reference pulser in channel 1:

Example 1. Configuring the SIS 3804 scaler

sis3804 create scaler1 -base 0x38383800
sis3804 config scaler1 -refpulser true