madcscaler -- Support dead-time counters in MADC32 as scalers.


madcscaler create name ?options?

madcscaler config name ?options?

madcscaler cget name


The Mesytec MADC 32 module provides two counters. These counters count time and ADC busy time (time between the adc gate and readout completion). Reading these two values as periodic scalers in a scaler stack, allows for the computation of dead-time ratios without the use of an additional external scaler module..

The madcscaler command supports configuring MADC32 modules for use as dead-time scalers.

The madcscaler command provides the usual ensemble of subcommands; create to create a named module object, config to configure a previously existing object by name, and cget to obtain the configuration of an existing named object.

OPTIONS below describes the configuration options.


-base baseAddress

Provides the base address of the module as configured in its rotary switches.