CCAENV262Triger -- Trigger module with CAEN V262


#include <CCAEANV262Trigger.h>
 class CCAENV262Trigger : public CEventTrigger {

  CCAENV262Trigger(uint32_t base, unsigned crate = 0);
  CCAENV262Trigger(CCaenIO& module);
  CCAENV262Trigger(const CCAENV262Trigger& rhs);

  virtual bool operator()();


Implements a trigger class based on the hardware of the CAEN V262 I/O register. When used as a triggerm odule, the Following signals in the V262 have meaning:

IN0Computer Master Gate (live)

Trigger acknowledge. The V262 does not latch signals IN0 must be held true until SHP2 is signalled.

Public member functions

CCAENV262Trigger(uint32_t base, unsigned crate = 0);

Constructs a CCAENV262Trigger object. The base parameter is the base address of the CAEN V262 module to be used as a trigger. The optional crate parameter specifies which VME crate the module is in. If not supplied, crate defaults to 0.

CCAENV262Trigger(CCaenIO& module);

Constructs a trigger object from an existing CaenIO object. module is the object that represents the physical module that will be used as the trigger module.

CCAENV262Trigger(const CCAENV262Trigger& rhs);

Copy constructor. Contructs a trigger object from rhs.

virtual bool operator()();

The trigger poll function. When the framework is able to accept triggers, it will poll this method. A true return indicates the presence of the trigger. Note that this function will also strobe the SHP2 output when it sees a trigger, making this a possibly destructive read of the trigger.



CaenIO(3daq) CCAENV262Busy(3sbsReadout) CEventTrigger(3sbsReadout)