59.2. Obtaining and building the skeleton application

The readout framework provides a skeleton application that you can extend to a create a real readout application. This section provides best practice methods to obtain the skeleton and build it.

Framework skeletons are all installed in the skeletons directory of the NSCLDAQ installation tree. The following example shows how we recommend obtaining this skeleton and how to perform a test build of the skeleton.

Example 59-3. Obtaining the SBS readout skeleton

cd ~
mkdir -p experiment/readout
cd experiment/readout
cp $DAQROOT/skeletons/sbs/* .



The example creates the directory ~/experiment/readout. Next the skeleton files are copied to that directory. make is used to do a test build of the skeleton.


By itself the skeleton cannot take any useful data. You must modify it to meet you readout needs, and build the modified version. See "Modify8ing the skeleton application to meet your needs, the next section for information about how to do this.