9.2. Setting up the Electronics

In this section, the reader will be given a schematic of the circuit the rest of this guide will assume. In order to set it up, the user must acquire at least the following:

Rather than detail how to plug each cable into each module, th electronics diagram for the digitizers is provided in Block diagram of the V775 and V785 wiring. Take note that this is a very basic circuit that makes no attempt to handle busy logic properly. It is designed specifically for generating some test data. Be aware also that there are some signal conversions not shown in the block diagram because their need depends on the exact hardware being used. It is left up to the reader to determine whether a logic signal needs to be converted from ECL to NIM or ECL to TTL or whatever between modules. A separate diagram is provided for the the scaler portion of the circuit at Block diagram of SIS3820 scaler wiring.

Figure 9-1. Block diagram of the V775 and V785 wiring

Figure 9-2. Block diagram of SIS3820 scaler wiring