28.2. Using the sequencer.

The sequencer GUI consists of a table called the run plan table Edit this table to set the parameters for each action item column for each run in the plan (runs are rows across the table).

The File->Save... menu will save a run plan for later use. If you've already created a run plan, you can read it in with the File->Open... menu selection. Finally the File->Clear menu selection clears the run plan table.

The length of each run is set by the length of the timed run section on the main ReadoutGUI window. To execute a run plan, click the Execute button on the run plan table window. This button then is relabeled Abort, and can be used to abort a run plan if something goes wrong.

As the run plan executes, the run that is active is highlighted on the run plan table. When the run plan is complete, or if the run plan was aborted, the Abort is relabeled Execute and will restart the run plan if clicked.