30.3. Converting NSCLDAQ-V10.x data to NSCLDAQ-11.x data

With the introduction of NSCLDAQ-11.0, additional fields were added to ring items to better support time stamped event building and to make the timebase for run time offsets more flexible. Furthermore, the scaler records were expanded to support nonincremental as well as the previously supported incremental scaler readout.

A utility filter program has been provided to convert NSCLDAQ-10.x data to NSCLDAQ-11.x data. Filter program transform data read on their standard input to data on their standard output. As such the can easily be used in pipelines of commands.

The simplest way to use this filter is shown in the example below where run-0000-00.evt is assumed to be an NSCLDAQ10.0 event file which is being converted to run-0000-00.evt-11 which is an NSCLDAQ11.0 file.

Example 30-4. convert10to11 - converting event files

convert10to11 < run-0000-00.evt > run0000-00.evt-11