40.4. Generic ring data sinks

Data sinks are places to store data. A program that stores data will also generally want to work regardless of whether or not it is storing data in a file or a ring buffer (of course ring buffer data sinks must be local to the host that is running the program).

The data format library provides a hierarchy of classes to support this that are derived from the abstract base class CDataSink: CFileDataSink allows you to put ring items and arbitraty data into a file. CRingDataSink similarly alows you to put data in a ringbuffer.

The CDataSinkFactory class allows you to produce ring or file data sinks depening on the form of the URI that is passed to the factory creation method.

For reference information on the data sink classes see: CDataSink, CRingDataSink, CFileDataSink. For reference information on the factory class see: CDataSinkFactory