46.2. An overview of the use of the camac package

The unit of control for the ESONE CAMAC functions on which this package is based is a CAMAC module. The package allows you to form connections to specific modules in specific branches an crates.

All of the commands in camac are placed in the camac namespace. The Tcl namespace import command can be used to import them into the current or global namespace.


The wienercamac package has an identical set of commands in the wienercamac namespace. If you are using both packages it is best not to import their commands.

The command cdreg (remember this is in the camac namespace) is used to create a handle to a module in a specific CAMAC crate. Once this handle has been created, commands like cssa and cfsa are used to perform operations on that module. Additional block transfer commands exist to do Qstop, Qscan and block transfers.

The implementation does not support LAM triggered functions, however extensions to the standard are provided that allow you to poll the crate for LAMs. Other extensions allow you to determine the set of available CAMAC crates as well as to peform C and Z operations on any crate assuming the controller is compatible with the IEEE specifications of the A1/A2 crate controller (IEEE 596).