52.2. Compiling/Linking your software with the shared memory API

Compiling and linking a program that uses the CDAQShm class requires that you supply the correct -I switch so that the header file can be located. It also requires that at link time you supply appropriate -L and -l switches to ensure that the library can be located and linked into the executable.

We also strongly recommend the use of an -rpath switch on the link line so that the shared library can be located at run-time without further environment variables.

The examples below assume that DAQHOME is an environment variable that points to the top of the NSLCDAQ 10.x or later installation tree.

Example 52-2. Compiling a C++ source that includes daqshm.h

g++ -c  -I$DAQHOME/include mysource.cpp 

Example 52-3. Linking C++ object files that use the daqshm library

g++ -o myprogram obj1.o obj2.o obj3.o -L$DAQHOME/lib -ldaqshm \