Chapter 2. Serial batch SpectTcl

This chapter describes the batch SpecTcl. It describes:

2.1. Incorporating batch SpecTcl in to a Tcl interpreter

Batch SpecTcl provides a Tcl loadable package that can be installed in any Tcl (or Tk for that matter) interpreter. In order to do this you need to have a Tcl library path that includes the Tcl libraries in the version of SpecTcl you want to use (5.2-000 is the earliest ersion that supports batch SpecTcl).

Here are two examples of how to do this assuming SpecTcl is installed in /usr/opt/spectcl/5.2-000:

Example 2-1. Incorporating batch SpecTcl: Specifying the TCL Library on the command line:

TCLLIBPATH=/usr/opt/spectcl/5.2-000/TclLibs tclsh
% package require spectcl

Example 2-2. Incorporating batch SpecTcl: adding the Tcl library to the auto_path

% lappend auto_path /usr/opt/spectcl/5.2-000/TclLibs
% package require spectcl

The spectcl package contains the library code needed to run batch SpecTcl.