SpecTcl Python package

Ron Fox

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. The python command.
python -- Runs python scripts in SpecTcl
3. The python spectcl package
3.1. spectcl package level methods.
tcl -- Run a Tcl script from Python.
listparams -- Creates a listing of defined parameters.
listspectra -- Create a list of defined spectrum names.
listvars -- Get a list of tree variables.
listgates -- Create a list of gate names.
attach -- Attach SpecTcl to a data source.
start -- Start analyzing data.
stop -- Stop data analysis
3.2. The spectcl.parameter type
parameter -- Wrap SpecTcl parameter/treeparameters
3.3. The spectcl.spectrum type
spectrum -- Wrap SpecTcl Spectrum objects.
3.4. The spectcl.variable type
variable -- Wrapper for SpecTcl tree variable objects.
3.5. The spectcl.gates type
gate -- Wraps a gate via its gate container.
List of Examples
2-1. Running a script file
2-2. Running an immediate script
2-3. Tcl variable substitution
3-1. Listing all parameters to tkcon
3-1. Attaching a file data source
3-2. Taking data from an NSCLDAQ ringbuffer
3-3. Reading data from a gzipped event file