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Gates in SpecTcl

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Gates allow you to set conditions on the increment of a spectrum.  SpecTcl understands several primitive and complex gates.  See the gate, and apply commands

Primitive gates are created either with the gate command or by clicking them into Xamine and accepting them.  The gate name supplied to Xamine will be the gate name used by SpecTcl.  It is best to avoid names with spaces, and characters which Tcl understands (e.g. $, ", [, ], (,), {, }).  While primitive gates are clicked in on a spectrum, they wind up defined on parameter(s) SpecTcl will tell all appropriate spectra to display a gate. The primitive gates are:

Complex gates allow you to build up logical combinations of conditions from simpler gates (primitive or other complex gates).  The complex gates defined are:

The Mask Gates take a bit pattern and compares it to the parameter value. They can be used in complex gates.  The mask gates defined are:


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