EVB::BarrierStats::queueBarriers -- Displays per queue barrier statistics


package require EVB::barriers

EVB::BarrierStats::queueBarriers window ?options?

window setStatistic source type count

window clear

window reset


Provides a widget in which per source barrier statistics can be displayed. A barrier is a set of fragments with a non-zero barrier type and indicates some sort of global synchronization.

The appearance of this widget is a scrolling list of ids on the left each linked to a scrolling list containing barrier type/ barrier count paitrs.



Provides a title for the overall widget.


Title for the widget's left column (source ids).


Title for the widget's right column (per type statistics widget).


setStatistic src type count

Sets the number of times, count, a specific barrier type, type, has been emitted by a source who's id is src.

If necessary new source widgets are created or new barrier type rows in existing source widgets.


Clears counters on all barrier types for all sources.


Empties the widget of all statistics. The appearance of the widget will be as if setStatistic has never been called.