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The Radware Plugin

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This page describes a plugin that allows SpecTcl to read and write spectra in Radware format. Radware is a gamma ray data analysis package written by David Radford of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The plugin incorporates the spectrum I/O code from Radware with the permission of the author.

Using the plugin

The plugin is installed in $SpecTclHome/lib. To incorporate the plugin in SpecTcl 3.2 or later:

    load $SpecTclHome/libradwareio.so

The plugin adds two commands to SpecTcl:

The usage for these commands (see however "Scope and restrictions below) is:


rwwrite spectrum file



    rwread ?-maxchans n? filename


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Scope and restrictions.

There are some restrictions associated with this plugin:

Top SpecTcl Plugin Guide Programmer's Guide
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