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Obtaining and Installing SpecTcl

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SpecTcl Home  General Information User Guide Programmer's Guide Obtaining and Installing

Obtaining SpecTcl

To build SpecTcl you will need gnu flex, gnu bison and the gnu g++ compiler and libraries. You will also need either OpenMotif, and the Tcl/Tk development software.

SpecTcl is now hosted at Sourceforge.  Sourceforge is an open source project hosting service.  To obtain and install SpecTcl, point a web browser at:



Installing SpecTcl

Installing SpecTcl requires that you:

Unpacking the distribution

The distribution file; SpecTcl.tar.gz is a gzipped tar file, extract it into the build directory as follows:

$ gunzip SpecTcl.tar
$ tar xf SpecTcl.tar
$ rm SpecTcl.tar

This will create a directory named SpecTcl where v is the current SpecTcl version and r the revision. This directory will be called the build directory and will be referred to as $BUILDIR.


Choosing and creating an installation directory

The installation directory is where SpecTcl will live after it has been built. Create an installation directory which you are allowed to write into. For example as root:

mkdir /usr/local/spectcl

This directory will be referred to as $INSTDIR in the remainder of the page, and is called the Installation directory. It should be a 'well known' directory for optional software, usually /opt/spectcl or /usr/local/spectcl.

Building and installing SpecTcl

A shell script builds SpecTcl and copies the required binary components in to the installation directory. To build SpecTcl:

$ build.sh


At the NSCL, we install Spectcl in /usr/opt/spectcl/<version>  where <version> is the SpecTcl version number. We also maintain a link /usr/opt/spetctl/current that points to the version of SpecTcl we want most people to use.  This allows several versions of SpecTcl to coexist simultaneously.


SpecTcl Home  General Information User Guide Programmer's Guide Obtaining and Installing

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