compatibilitylogger -- Create spectrodaq formatted event log files.


compatibilitylogger [options]


Accepts NSCL Buffers on stdin. Once the first begin buffer is seen an event file is created. Buffers are accepted until an end run buffer or an end file on stdin is encountered at which time the once that buffer is written to file, the current run file is closed. All buffers are written to the current event file.

If the current event file has exceeeded a threshold that is a bit less than 2Gbytes, the current event file is closed and a new event file is opened as the next segment of the run's event file set. Event files are named in accordance with the ring buffer DAQ event file naming convention: run-rrrr-ss.evt. Where rrrr is the run number zero filled to four digits (e.g. run 5 is 0005), and ss is the segment number zero filled to two digits.

By default, the program expects its input buffers to be 8192 bytes long. See, however the --buffersize option described in the OPTIONS section.



Overrides the default buffer size with its value. The buffersize must match the actual buffer size of the stdin stream of buffers or else the program will likely fail in unpredictable ways.


Outputs short form help to the console and exits immediately.


Outputs the version of the program and exits immediately.