lrs2551 -- Manage LRS 2551 modules


lrs2551 create module-name ?options...?

lrs2551 config module-name ?options...?

lrs2551 cget module-name


The lrs2551 command allows you to create and configure LeCroy LRS 2551 scaler modules. The LRS 2551 is a 12 channel scaler. While it is normally read in the periodic scaler stack, it is also possible to read it in the event stack when properly configured.

The create subcommand creates a new module assigning it the name module-name. module-name should be used to refer to the module in future commands. Optional configuration data can also be appended to the create subcommand.

The config subcommand configures an existing module-name. The configuration items are name value pairs. See OPTIONS below for more information about the options supported by the lrs2551 command.

The cget subcommand returns the current module configuration. The configuration is returned as a Tcl list. Each element of the list is a two element sublist that contains the configuration name and value in that order.


The lrs2551 command supports the following configuration options:

-cumulative on|off

If -cumulative is false (default), the scaler module is cleared after each readout providing the counts between each readout as the value of each channel. This shoulid be false when used with the NSCLDAQ scaler display program in the scaler stack.

-id vsn

Supplies the virtual slot number; vsn for the module. This only needs to be supplied if the module is going to be read in the event stack. Note that currently unpacking scaler data from the event stack is not supported.

-insertid true|false

If true (the default is false), the virtual slot number set by the -id configuration value is inserted in the data block from the scaler. If false it is not. If used with the NSCLDAQ Scaler display in the scaler stack, this should be false.

-slot slot

Sets the slot configuration. When installed in the CAMAC crate, the module should be inserted in the slot specified by this option.


This example creates an LRS 2551 scaler:

Example 1. The lrs2551 command

lrs2551 create counters -slot 4