IX. 3ccusb

Table of Contents
addtcldriver -- Register Tcl command ensemble as a device module
ad811 -- Support the Ortec AD811 ADC
c1205 -- Manage CAEN C1205 QDC modules.
c257 -- Manages the C257 scaler module
ccusb (command) -- Configure and read scalers from CC-USB module
lrs2228 -- Manages the LRS2228 TDC
lrs2249 -- Manage LeCroy 2249 QDC modules
lrs2551 -- Manage LRS 2551 modules
marker -- Create/manipulate marker instances
ph7xxx -- Define Phillips ADC/TDC/QDC modules
stack -- Create and configure CC-USB stacks.
Module -- Create and manipulate slow control device instances
CamacCrate -- group modules into a crate
LeCroy4300B -- control a LeCroy 4300B FERA
LeCroy4434 -- control a LeCroy 4434 Scaler
LeCroy2551 -- control a LeCroy 2551 Scaler
ULMTrigger -- control a LeCroy 2637 ULM running trigger firmware
Slow controls protocol -- TCP/IP slow control protocol
CCCUSB -- Provide access to a CC-USB device.
CCCUSBusb -- Provide access to a connected CC-USB device.
CCCUSBRemote -- Provide remote access to a CC-USB device through CCUSBReadout's slow-controls server.
CCCUSBReadoutList -- Create lists of CAMAC commands for CC-USB controllers.
CConfigurableObject -- base class for devices that have a configuration
cccusb -- Swig wrapping of the CCCUSB C++ class.
cccusbreadoutlist -- Tcl wrapping of CCCUSBReadoutList
CModuleFactory -- Creates specific slow control drivers
CModuleCreator -- Object creational ABC for CModuleFactory
CControlHardware -- Base class (ABC) of a slow controls driver
CControlModule -- Configuration and wrapper for CControlHardware
CCCUSBControl -- A slow-controls driver for receiving and executing remote commands
ccusbcamac -- Tcl Script CAMAC access CCUSBReadout slow-controls server
ph7106Widget -- Control panel for Ph7106 LED