IX. Reference Pages

Table of Contents
I. 1compatibility
compatibilitybuffer -- Filter ring items to spectrodaq buffers
convert10to11 -- Filter converting NSCLDAQ10.x to NSCLDAQ11.x data.
compatibilitylogger -- Create spectrodaq formatted event log files.
eventlog-compat -- Provide event logger pipeline for use with ReadoutGUI.
spectcldaq -- Pipe data source for SpecTcl in spectrodaq buffer mode.
spectcldaq.server -- TCP/IP server of ring data in spectrodaq format.
BufferToRing -- Convert old buffered data to ring buffer format.
bufdump -- Dump NSCLDAQ event files earlier than version 10.0
II. 1daq
ringbuffer -- Manage ring buffers.
ringtostdout -- Transmit data from a ring buffer to stdout.
stdintoring -- Pipe stdin to a ring buffer.
ReadoutShell -- Shell wrapper for readout programs.
ReadoutGUIOutputClient -- Readout gui output monitor client.
frag2ring -- Filter flattened fragments to ring items.
Scaler Display program  -- Display counts and rates in scalers.
dumper -- Produce a formatted dump of event data.
eventlog -- Record Event Data to Disk.
ccusbloader -- CC-USB Firmware loader
vmusbloader -- VM-USB Firmware loader
ringselector -- Provide selected ring data to non NSCL DAQ aware clients
tkdumper -- GUI Dump of ring buffer items.
evttclsh -- Tcl interpreter that always runs an event loop
III. 1epics
controlpush --  Push epics data into a Tcl Server (e.g. production readout).
chanlog -- Write a set of channels to file
IV. 1evb
EVB::BarrierStats::incomplete -- Display incomplete barrier statistics
EVB::BarrierStats::queueBarriers -- Displays per queue barrier statistics
EVB::BarrierStats::Summary -- UI element to summarize barrier statistics.
EVB::CallbackManager -- Object that manages callback sets.
EVB::connectionList -- List event builder connections
EVB::GUI procs -- Standard monitor UI procs.
EVB::inputStatistics::statusDisplay -- Widget to display input statitics
EVB::inputStatistics::queueStats -- Per queue input statistics widget
::EVB::inputStatistics::queueDisplay -- Display input queue statistics
EVB::inputStatistics::summaryDisplay -- Summary of input statistics.
EVB::lateFragments -- Late fragment statistics
EVB::lateSummary -- Widget to display summar of data late fragments.
::EVB::outputStatistics -- Complete output statistics widget
::EVB::outputSummary -- Summarize output statistics
::EVB::utility::sortedPair -- Key value pair widget
::EVB::utility::sortedWidget -- General key/widget sorted list
EventBuilder -- Event builder utility procs
Observer -- Support the Observer pattern
EvbOrderer -- Event orderer compiled commands.
EVB::handleFragment -- Submit event fragments.
EVB::inputStats -- Event builder input statistics
EVB::outputStats -- Get orderer output statistics
EVB::dlatestats -- Get the late fragment statistics.
EVB::onDataLate -- Bind scripts to data late events.
EVB::barriertrace -- Supply a script to invoke on barrier events.
EVB::source -- Create event source queues.
EVB::deadsource -- Mark a data source dead.
EVB::reviveSocket -- Revive all dead data sources associated with a socket
EVB::flush -- Empty all input queues.
EVB::reset -- Reset timestamp clocks.
V. 1tcl
DaqPortManager -- Manage TCP/IP service ports and advertise their allocations
tclserver -- Start a Tcl Server.
serverauth -- Control tcl server authorization.
!ModuleName! -- Tabbed notebook for multiple GDG-8 controllers.
ledph7106.tcl -- PH7106 Control application for CCUSBReadout
canev812control -- GUI for controlling CAEN V812 CFD modules
loadcfd -- Load settings in to a CAEN V812 CFD module.
cesbcnaf -- CAMAC operation via a CES CAMAC interface
wienerbcnaf -- CAMAC operation via a Wiener VC32/CC32 board set
bcnaf -- bcnaf via SBS VME CAMAC interfaces
loadshaper -- Load setttings into an N568 shaper via SBS/V288.
n568Control -- GUI for the n568 shaper.
vhsPanel -- Canned VHS Control panel
vhqControl -- Control panel application for VHQ bias supply modules.
cratelocator -- locate specific SBS VME crate controllers.
SBS Vme Tcl package -- Provide access to VME crates to Tcl scripts.
epicsdisplay -- Display epics channels
VI. 1sbsReadout
Readout -- Start an event readout program.
VII. 1utilities
vmusbcaenupgrader -- CAEN cvUpgrade ported to VM-USB interface
VIII. 3daq
CRingMaster -- RingMaster access.
CRingAccess -- Remote Ring Access
CRingBuffer -- Low level ring buffer primitives
CRingItem -- Encapsulates an item in a ring buffer.
CRingScalerItem -- Encapsulate ring buffer scaler items.
CRingStateChangeItem -- Encapsulate a ring buffer state change item.
CRingTextItem -- Encapsulate ring items that are lists of text strings.
CPhysicsEventItem -- Response to trigger.
CRingPhysicsEventCountItem -- Provides statistics regarding the number of events produced.
CRingFragmentItem -- Encapsulate a EVB_FRAGMENT ring item
CUnknownFragment -- Event fragment likley not containing a ring item
CDataFomatItem -- Describe the format of a stream of ringitems.
CGlomParameters -- Reports event building parameters.
CAbnormaEndItem -- Abnormal end of run.
CRingSelectionPredicate -- Base class for predicates that select items from ring buffers.
CAllButPredicate -- Select all ring items except some.
CDesiredTypesPredicate -- Only accept specified ring item types.
DataFormat.h -- Format of ring items.
format Functions -- Functions to create ring items.
CDataSource -- Abstract base class of data source for ring items.
CRingDataSource -- Ringbuffer data source for ring items.
CFileDataSource -- Ring item data source from a file
CDataSourceFactory" -- Create data sources given a URI
CRingItemFactory -- Upcast ring items to specific ring item objects.
CDataSink -- Abstract base class for data sinks.
CFileDataSink -- Data sink to a disk file.
CRingDataSink -- Data sink that writes to a CRingBuffer
CDataSinkFactory -- Create an appropriate CDataSink object
CEvbClientApp -- Framework event builder client application.
CEVBClientFramework -- Event builder client framework.
CEventOrderClient -- Client of the event orderer
CPortManager -- Provide a C++ interface to the server port manager daemon.
CPortManagerException -- Report errors conditions in port manager transactions
CADC2530 -- Support the Hytec NADC 2530 Peak sensing ADC.
CAENcard -- Support for the CAEN 32 bit digitizers
CBD8210 -- CES CBD 8210 CAMAC branch highway driver (obsolete)
CCAENV1x90 -- Support for the CAEN V1190 and V1290 multihit, complicated TDC.
CCAENV560 -- Support the CCAENV560 non-latching scaler.
CCAENV830 -- Support driver for the CAEN V820/V830 latching scaler module.
CCAENV977 -- Software support for the CAEN V977 I/O register.
CCAMACScalerLRS2551 -- Support software for the LeCroy LRS 2551 12 channel CAMAC scaler
CCAMACScalerLRS4434 -- High level support software for the 32 channel LeCroy LRS 4434 CAMAC scaler module
CCAMACStatusModule -- Provide computer busy status support for the BiRA CAMAC NIM out module.
CCAMACTrigger -- Trigger module for the CES CBD 8210 VME CAMAC Parallel Branch Highway Driver
CCamac -- Manages CAMAC memory maps.
CCamacModule -- Provide support for a generic CAMAC module.
CCamacNimout -- Provides low level support for the BiRa CAMAC Nim output module.
CCrateController -- Encapsulation of a BiRa 1302 CAMAC controller via CES CBS8210.
CSIS3600 -- Support for the SIS 3600 VME latch module.
CSIS3820 -- Low level support for SIS 3820 32 channel latching scaler module
CScaler -- Abstract base class for reading scalers into a vector
CStatusModule -- Abstract base class for status modules.
CTrigger -- Abstract base class for triggers
CVME -- Pointer like object for accessing the VME
CVMEScalerLRS1151 -- High level support for the LeCroy LRS 1151 VME scaler.
CVMEStatusModule -- Implement a status module using the CAEN V262 module.
CVMETrigger -- VME trigger class based on the CAEN V262 I/O module.
CVMEptr -- 
CaenIO -- Support for the CAEN V262 I/O register module.
CMmapError -- Exception that can be thrown in the event of memory mapping errors.
CNimout -- Low level support for the BiRa VME nim output module
CVmeModule -- Convenience base class for implementing VME module support
CSIS3300 -- Low Level support for the SIS 3300 Flash ADC module
CFilter -- Base class for primitive filters
CCompositeFilter -- A composite filter composed of primitive filters
cvt -- Integer byte order conversions
Thread -- Abstract base class for thread objects.
Synchronizable -- Wait queue for threads
SyncGuard -- Provide Critical Regions, Monitors
CMutex -- C++ encapsulation of pthread mutexes.
CriticalSection -- Simple, safe critical section
CCondition -- Encapsulate POSIX condition variables.
CGaurdedObject -- Provide entry/exit guards for object critical regions.
CBufferQueue -- Templated class for safe inter-thread messaging.
CAuthenticator -- Abstract base authenticator class.
CPasswordCheck -- Authenticate against a stored password.
CUnixUserCheck -- Authenticate against a unix user name and password.
CTclAccessListCheck -- Authenticate against a Tcl List.
CAccessListCheck -- Authenticate against a list of allowed credentials.
CHostListCheck -- Authenticate from a list of TCP/IP hosts
CInteractor -- Base class for security interactions.
CStringInteractor -- Provide an interactor that processes strings.
CFdInteractor -- Interact with file descriptor
CIOInteractor -- Separate prompt and input interactors.
URL -- Parse Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI)
CopyrightNotice -- Generate license/author credits.
CDAQShm -- class description
CTCLApplication 3 --  Base class for TCL/Tk applications.
CTCLException --  Class for reporting exceptional conditions in Tcl applications via the C++ try/catch mechanism.
CTCLInterpreter --  Encapsulate a Tcl interpreter.
CTCLInterpreterObject 3 --  Base class for objects that are associated with a Tcl Interpreter.
CTCLList --  Provide access to Tcl List parsing.
CTCLObject --  Encapsulate Tcl Dual ported objects.
CTCLObjectProcessor --  Abstract base class to encapsulate the Tcl object command interface exposed by Tcl_CreateObjCommand.
CTCLVariable --  Encapsulate Tcl interpreter variables.
CTCLProcessor --  Provide argc, argv extension commands to Tcl.
CTCLChannel --  Provide a C++ abstraction wrapper for Tcl Channels.
CTCLCommandPackage --  Group several related Tcl command extensions and common services they may require together.
CTCLCompatibiltyProcessor --  Adaptor between CTCLOjbectProcessor and CTCLProcessor.
CTCLFileHandler --  Base class for building object oriented Tcl File event handlers.
CTCLHashTable --  Object oriented interface to Tcl's hash table functions.
CTCLHashTableItem --  Encapsulation of an entry in a Tcl Hash table as encapsulated in CTCLHashTable
CTCLHashTableIterator --  Iterator for visiting all elements of a CTCLHashTable
CTCLIdleProcess --  Allows the establishment of an executable object that can be scheduled to be invoked when the Tcl/Tk intperpreter has no events that require processing.
CTCLPackagedCommand --  Base class for a command that lives in a CTCLCommandPackage
CTCLResult --  Provide an object oriented interace to the Tcl interpreter result.
CTCLString --  Provide a wrapper for the Tcl_DString data type and its API
CTCLTimer --  Abstract base class for C++ objects attached to timer events.
CTCLLiveEventLoop -- Run Tcl with event loop.
CTCLChannelCommander -- Accept commands on a Tcl channel from the event loop.
CTCLStdioCommander -- Event driven command input on stdin/stdout
CTCLServer -- Listener for a Tcl server.
CTCLTcpServerInstance -- Channel commander that is a server instance for CTCLServer
CTCLObjectPackage -- Provide common functionality for a set of related commands.
CTCLPackagedObjectProcessor -- Base class for commands living in a CTCLObjectPackage
CItemConfiguration -- Hold a configuration
CConfigurableObject -- Base class for objects tht have a configuration.
CException -- Abstract base class for the exception class hierarchy.
CErrnoException -- Exceptions that wrap the Unix errno
CRangeError -- Reports and exception for a value out of allowed range.
CStateException -- Exception for invalid state transitions.
CStreamIOError -- I/O error on a C++ stream.
CURIFormatException -- Report errors in universal resource identifiers (uri)s.
CMonitorException -- Exceptions for synchronization class abuse.
CInvalidArgumentException -- Report invalid function arguments.
IX. 3ccusb
addtcldriver -- Register Tcl command ensemble as a device module
ad811 -- Support the Ortec AD811 ADC
c1205 -- Manage CAEN C1205 QDC modules.
c257 -- Manages the C257 scaler module
ccusb (command) -- Configure and read scalers from CC-USB module
lrs2228 -- Manages the LRS2228 TDC
lrs2249 -- Manage LeCroy 2249 QDC modules
lrs2551 -- Manage LRS 2551 modules
marker -- Create/manipulate marker instances
ph7xxx -- Define Phillips ADC/TDC/QDC modules
stack -- Create and configure CC-USB stacks.
Module -- Create and manipulate slow control device instances
CamacCrate -- group modules into a crate
LeCroy4300B -- control a LeCroy 4300B FERA
LeCroy4434 -- control a LeCroy 4434 Scaler
LeCroy2551 -- control a LeCroy 2551 Scaler
ULMTrigger -- control a LeCroy 2637 ULM running trigger firmware
Slow controls protocol -- TCP/IP slow control protocol
CCCUSB -- Provide access to a CC-USB device.
CCCUSBusb -- Provide access to a connected CC-USB device.
CCCUSBRemote -- Provide remote access to a CC-USB device through CCUSBReadout's slow-controls server.
CCCUSBReadoutList -- Create lists of CAMAC commands for CC-USB controllers.
CConfigurableObject -- base class for devices that have a configuration
cccusb -- Swig wrapping of the CCCUSB C++ class.
cccusbreadoutlist -- Tcl wrapping of CCCUSBReadoutList
CModuleFactory -- Creates specific slow control drivers
CModuleCreator -- Object creational ABC for CModuleFactory
CControlHardware -- Base class (ABC) of a slow controls driver
CControlModule -- Configuration and wrapper for CControlHardware
CCCUSBControl -- A slow-controls driver for receiving and executing remote commands
ccusbcamac -- Tcl Script CAMAC access CCUSBReadout slow-controls server
ph7106Widget -- Control panel for Ph7106 LED
X. 3evb
EVBC::start -- Start the event builder pipeline.
EVBC::stop -- Stop the event builder pipeline.
EVBC::reset -- Reset timestamp history
EVBC::flush -- Flush event builder event queues.
EVBC::startRingSource -- Start a ring fragment source for the event builder.
EVBC::startS800Source -- Start S800 data source
EVBC::initialize -- Initialize the EZBuilder layer.
EVBC::onBegin -- EZBuilder begin run actions
EVBC::onEnd -- EZBuilder end run actions.
Eventbuilder callback bundle -- Event builder callback bundle.
Event builder client framework -- Event builder cilent framework
XI. 3rdogui
Introduction -- ReadoutGUI API introduction
bells -- Provide audible alarm bells.
Configuration -- Configuration variable management
DAQParameters -- Cluster of configuration parameters for data acquisition
DataSourceManager -- Data source manager and its API
DataSourceUI -- Data source parameter user interface
Diagnostics -- Provide error warning and message dialogs
ExpFileSystemConfig -- Configuration cluster for event directory tree
ReadoutGui -- ReadoutGui elements.
ReadoutGUIPanel -- ReadoutGUI Convenience commands
RunStateMachine -- Run control state machine
StateManager -- Save restore program state variables.
ui -- ReadoutGUI graphical user interface elements.
OutputWindowSettings -- Prompter for OutputWindow settings.
StatusArea -- Status area megawidget
XII. 3provider
Introduction -- Data source providers
parameters -- Describe data source parameterization
start -- Start a data source
check -- Check Data Source Liveness
stop -- Stop data sources
begin -- Start data taking in a data source
pause -- Pause a data taking run (optional)
resume -- Resume a Paused Run
end -- End a Data Taking Run
init -- On-demand initialize procedure
capabilities -- Get Provider Capabilities Dict
SSHPipe -- SSHPipe data source provider.
s800 -- s800 data source provider.
Delay -- Inserts a delay between data provider begins
XIII. 3python
PortManager -- Python bindings to port manager
XIV. 3vmusb
adc -- Create/configure CAEN V775, V785, V792, V862 modules.
caenchain -- Aggregate adc modules into CBLT readout chains.
vmusb -- Control VM-USB resources and read internal scalers
sis330x -- Driver for SIS3300/1 FADC
sis3820 -- Create and configure SIS 3820 scaler modules
v830 -- Create and configure CAEN V830 32 channel scalers.
v977 -- Create and configure CAEN V977 Input registers
sis3804 -- Create and configure SIS 3804 scalers
hira -- Pair up to 2 XLMs and FADC for HiRA
hytec -- Support the Hytec NADC 2530 adc module.
tcl driver support -- tcl driver support functions.
madc -- Acquire events from Mesytec MADC32 ADC.
mtdc -- Mesytec 32/34 channel TDC
mqdc -- Support Mesytec MQDC-32 modules
madcchain -- Support CBLT chains of Mesytec MxDC32 family of modules.
madcscaler -- Support dead-time counters in MADC32 as scalers.
mase -- Support for XLM with MASE firmware.
tdc1x90 -- Provide support for the CAEN V1x90 TDC family.
v1729a -- CAENV1729a waveform digitizer.
stack -- Compose and configure VM-USB readout stacks.
CVMUSB -- Interface with VM-USB controller.
CVMUSBReadoutList -- Construct VM-USB stacks
CVMUSBRemote -- Execute lists remotely on VMUSBReadout
CConfigurableObject -- Configuration database
CControlHardware -- Base class for slow controls drivers
cvmusb -- SWIG Tcl wrapping of CVMUSB
cvmusbreadoutlist -- SWIG wrappers for CVMUSBReadoutList
Module -- control config command: create/configure modules.
watch -- Watch variables (slow controls)
delay -- Insert a stack delay.
CBDCamacBranch -- run a CAMAC branch through a CES CBD8210 bridge
CBDCamacCrate -- group CBD8210 compatible modules into a crate
CBDLeCroy4300B -- control a LeCroy 4300B FERA on a CAMAC branch
CBDLeCroy4434 -- control a LeCroy 4434 Scaler on a CAMAC branch
CBDLeCroy2551 -- control a LeCroy 2551 Scaler on a CAMAC branch
CBDULMTrigger -- control a LeCroy 2637 ULM running trigger firmware on a CAMAC branch
XLMTimestamp -- control an XLM running 64-bit latching scaler firmware
marker -- Insert a constant into the VMUSB data stream
XLMFERA -- control an XLM72V running firmware to readout FERA via ECL ports
AXLM72ScalerControl -- slow-controls driver for controlling an XLM72 running 32-ch scaler firmware
XLM72ScalerGUI -- Diagnostics GUI for controlling an XLM72 running 32 ch scaler firmware
AXLM72 -- TCL base class for JTech XLM72 family of devices
AXLM72Scaler -- Driver for an XLM72 running 32-channel scaler firmware
v1495sc -- CAEN V1495 with Scaler firmware
controlClient -- Object to interact with VM/CCusb control server
USB Control operations -- connect, controlOp, listUSBControlServers
slowControlsPrompter -- Prompt for slow controls server host and port
gdgcontrol -- Slow control client of Wiener/JTec MGGD8
gdgwidget -- Widget to control/display GDG-8.
V6533Driver -- Driver for CAEN V6533 HV modules
XV. 3tcl
TCL Ring package. Ron Fox NSCLDAQ  -- Access Rings from tcl.
TclRingBuffer -- Tcl ring buffer consumer package
portAllocator -- Tcl API for the DaqPortManager daemon.
TclServer -- Embeddable Tcl Server script object
CFD812 -- low level control of the CAEN V812 CFD
caenv812gui -- Megawidget control panel for the CAEN V812 CFD
n568b -- Support package for the CAEN N568B shaper.
n568Panel -- Control panel megawidget for N568 shaping amplifier
iSegVhs -- SBS support for VHS 404 modules.
VhsWidgets -- User interface components for VHS 404 power supplies.
vhq -- Low level Tcl access to iSEG VHQ2xxx units.
vhqPanel -- Control widget for iSeg vhq2xx VME bias supply.
caennet -- Access CAENnet from Tcl scripts.
camac -- Provide access to CES CBD8210 CAMAC to Tcl scripts
wienercamac -- Tcl Script CAMAC access via VC32/CC32 boardset.
sequencer --  Provide a ReadoutGui plugin for nscldaq 8.1 and later that can automate several data taking runs.
plotcontainer -- Plotchart XY plot wrapper
marker -- Manage markers on a plotchart plot.
RingStatus -- Widget that shows ring status.
XVI. 3sbsReadout
CBusy -- Abstract base class for Busy module management.
CCAENV262Busy -- Concrete busy class for the CAEN V262 input module.
CCAENV262Triger -- Trigger module with CAEN V262
CCompoundEventSegment -- Container for other event segments
CDocumentedPacket -- Encapsulate event data in a packet that is documented.
CEventPacket -- Encapsulate an event segment in a documented packet.
CEventSegment -- Base class for all event segments.
CEventTrigger -- Abstract base class for triggers.
CExperiment -- Encapsulate the experiment.
CInvalidPacketStateException -- Exception thrown by documented packets.
CNullTrigger -- A trigger that never fires.
CReadoutException -- Base class for readout specific exceptions
CScalerBank -- Container for individual Scaler objects.
CTimedTrigger -- CEventTrigger that fires periodically
CV977Busy -- Concrete busy class using the CAEN V977 module
CV977Trigger -- Concrete Trigger class using CAEN V977 module.
RunState -- Encapsulate important state of the software.
CScaler -- Base class for scaler readout classes
XVII. 5daq
eventorderer -- Event orderer protocol
XVIII. 5tcl
caen812configfile -- Format of configuration files for CAENV 812 software.
n568configfile -- N568 shaper configuration file
vhqconfig --  Config file for
XIX. 5vmusb
VMUSB slow controls protocol -- VMUSB Slow controls protocol