NSCL Data Acquisition Documentation

Readout From Scratch

VMUSBReadout : A V775, V785, SIS3820 Setup

Provides a step by step approach to setting up a basic system read out by a Wiener VM-USB VME controller. It details how to write the configuration scripts, run the program, inspect and understand the data produced, write a tailored SpecTcl, and how to get started with SpecTcl. A CC-USB system follows the same general trend and this should give you a good feel for how to set up a system for CCUSBReadout.

SBS Readout : V785 ADC Triggered By V262 IO Reg

An overview of how to set up a basic system that consists of a CAEN V785 peak sensing ADC and CAEN V262 IO register that is read it out through an SBS Bit3 PCI/VME bridge. This covers the development of an 11.0 Readout program from the skeleton template we provide, how to ensure that timestamps are added to event data, how to use the CDocumentedPacket class, and a tutorial of the dumper program.

SBS Readout : V775 TDC with SpecTcl

Overviews the setup of a CAEN V775 time to digital converter read out through an SBS Bit3 PCI/VME bridge. The tutorial also details the development process of a simple 11.0 Readout program from the skeleton but also provides an overview of how to set up a SpecTcl program to analyze it.

Using the ReadoutGUI

Setting up a Complete DAQ

Given a clean experimental account and already existing Readout programs, this will provide a simple overview of how to configure the ReadoutGUI to control them. This also serves as an introduction to using NSCLDAQ software to unify independent subsystems with an event builder. The relevant portion of the link begins at chapter 4.

Upgrading to Version 11.0