SpecTcl DDAS Unpackers Guide.

Ron Fox

Table of Contents
1. Introduction>
2. The DDASHit class.
3. DDAS Data unpackers.
4. CFileDrivenParameterMapper
4.1. The CFileDrivenParameterMapper
4.2. CCalibratedFileDrivenParameterMapper
5. Reference pages.
DAQ::DDAS::DDASHit -- encapsulate the data from a DDAS hit.
DAQ::DDAS::DDASUnpacker -- Event processor for a sequence of DDSAS hits.
DAQ::DDAS::CDDASBuiltUnpacker -- Unpack ddas hits from event built data.
CFileDrivenParameterMapper -- Parameter mapper operating from description file.
CCalibratedFileDrivenParameterMapper -- Unpack DDAS data to raw and calibrated params